Online Live Animal Lessons

Bring our live animal lessons into your home through our distance learning program.  Your children will meet live animals and participate in an at-home science lesson that they will not forget.   Space is limited.


We Bring Live Animals to You Online.

Online Live Animal Lessons

Click to be a part of our live animal lessons. Our online live animal lessons are interactive.  Your children get to ask our animal expert questions, and we answer them.  Check out our programs here


Online Animal Birthday Party

We bring our live animals to your computer screen with our online animal birthday party.    Our online animal birthday party is the best birthday present for your kids.  They will be the star of the show and meet 8 animal guests.    

Check out our animal images to see who can visit for a live animal lesson and zoo birthday party.
Check out our animal pictures to see images of who you can bring to your classroom or birthday party in New York City
Check out our birthday images to see what live animals can be part of your animals show.
Live Animal Shows for Classrooms in New York City

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Monday-Friday 9:00am Ages 3-6

Monday-Friday 11:00am Ages 7 and up

Monday-Friday 1:00pm Ages 3-6

Space is Limited.

Online Learning:  Meet Live Animals!   

      Live Animal Lessons for Kids    


Testimonials from facebook 

​"My students were amazed at the animals he brought. He was very knowledgeable of the animals. It was the perfect science lesson. I can’t wait to do it again!!!​"  Cherlyn B  

"The students in my school are actively engaged and focused when he presents the animals at our school. The puppet shows are the BEST! Children are laughing while learning!"  Andrea U

​"The Nature Company gave a presentation at our summer youth program on creatures native to New York! It was amazing. It was so much fun and informative."   Jason S