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Grades 5 & 6

GRADES 5 & 6


Its time to put your ideas for saving the planet to work! We all know what we should do to help, and this class will show you how to do it! Meet animals in your classroom and learn how your actions help them in their natural habitats! 

Creature Connections 
From the tiniest insect to the largest tree, everything is connected. Discover how animals and their habitats are linked together. Explore the food web, animal life cycles, and the relationships between predators and prey. Meet predator and prey animals up close! 

The Living Animal
Students know that they have cells, tissues and organs in their bodies, but do they know most animals do, too? Discover that when you look closely animals are a lot alike. Explore what makes the living animal so amazing!

Grades 1 & 2

GRADES 1 & 2

Rocking Reptiles

Snakes, turtles, and lizards, oh my! Our scaly friends of the reptile world certainly have charisma. Learn what makes reptiles unique through games, a puppet show, and a song. Best of all you meet real reptiles!

​Animals Around the World

Travel to some of the most fantastic places in the world to meet some of the most fantastic animals in the world without ever leaving your classroom!  Identify the different ways animals  survive in their habitats.

Camouflaging Creatures
Now you see me.  Now you don't!  You'll have to look closely to find these animals because they are hiding.  Discover why, where, and how animals camouflage.  Meet animals camouflaging right in your classroom. 

Grades 3 & 4

GRADES 3 & 4

Discover: Ecosystems

Animals abound from the tropical rain forests to the driest deserts. Discover what makes a habitat unique and perfect for the incredible animals that live there. Meet animals from the rain forest, desert, and our very own temperate forest! 

My Forest
Some of the worlds coolest animals can be found right in our own backyards! Our forest animals are equipped with skills to survive both the hottest and coldest days. Learn why our forest is so important to us and our wildlife. Meet animals that you might find right in our own forest. 

Awesome Adaptations
Big ears!  Sharp claws!  Slimy skin!  Those are just a few of the adaptations that help animals to survive.  See the incredible ways an animal's body is designed for success in their habitat.

Pre-K & K


Sounds Around the World

Hear that? Bzzz! Peep! Tweet! You can hear the most amazing sounds in nature. Animals make sounds to communicate just like us. In this class students will play games, sing songs, and see a puppet show all about animal sounds. Students will delight to live animals right in your classroom. 

Neighborhood Nature
Peek under that rock. Look up in that tree. You're likely to find an animal or two or three! Amazing animals can be found everywhere, even in our own backyards. In this class you'll get to meet animals who live right in our neighborhoods. 

A B C Animals
A is for armadillo. B is for bat. C is for crow. In this class students will sing the alphabet song, play alphabet games, do the alphabet dance, and see a puppet show. Meet animals right in your classroom.